Terms and conditions

1. the hotel day is starting at hour 14, and is finishing about 10 on of departure.

2. we ask the arrival for making payment in the entire declared stay on.

3. the price for the stay doesn't contain the climatic payment.

4. the booking is taking place after the payment of the earnest money for two days of stay, within 2 days of the booking.

5. the earnest money isn't returnable in case of the resignation from the stay. We are making the refund in case of not fulfilling the given date of the stay or the resignation.

6. in premises parking spaces free of charge, nonmobile are (parking car behind car).

7. at home Hospitable a smoking ban is in force.

8. we aren't entertaining Guests with animals.

9. we offer the possibility of hiring bicycles for guests, in the price PLN 10 too of fields of the day.

10. for guests of the Guest House we offer the access free of charge to the Internet.

11. mail contact at Bitcoin payments required.

12. the Guest house is reserving the right for the change in prices.

13. on we are taking the arrival bail - PLN 30 behind the luxury apartment 2.3 - of wasps